Family Governance

A formula for addressing issues around how a family-owned company should be managed at times of generational change, with new or younger members entering the business. It aims to secure a sustainable, stable structure for the future and includes the powers and processes required for decision-making and strategy planning.

HF SWISS can assist you in putting a solid family governance code in place.

Family Governance Services

  • Support in putting family governance into place
  • Arrangements for succession within the company
  • Support with legacy protection
  • Set-up of family constitution
  • Organizing family retreats and family assemblies
  • Supporting family council meetings
  • Mentoring family members
  • Individual education according to family members needs

Estate Planning

Estate planning is a necessity for every wealthy individual. The aim of estate planning is to transfer your estate to the next generation in accordance with your wishes, as (tax) efficiently and with as few problems as possible.

HF SWISS can assist you to put the proper planning in place for your estate.

Estate Planning Services

  • Support with estate planning
  • Support with drafting testaments/last wills
  • Marital contract planning
  • Support with prenuptial agreements
  • Retirement planning
  • Executorships

Life Insurance

Life insurance solutions are increasingly used by wealthy families as a wealth planning structure for wealth protection, tax and estate planning, and/or as a privacy structure.

HF SWISS is well-equipped to help you put a life insurance solution in place.

Life Insurance Services

  • Evaluating a portfolio of insurances and implementing new insurance policies
  • Renegotiating and amending existing policies
  • Support with private placement life insurance as a wealth planning tool
  • Organizing international health insurance
  • Support with kidnap & ransom insurance
  • International personal liability insurance
  • Insurance related to special assets, e.g., aircraft, yachts, art and the like

Charity & Philanthropy

A growing number of wealthy families consider getting involved in charity or philanthropy. But finding a family office that is able to support you with this could be a challenge.

HF SWISS to support you with philanthropic services.

Charity & Philanthropy Services

  • Philanthropic planning
  • Assistance and guidance in the establishment and administration of charitable foundations
  • Support in formulating a donor’s giving strategy
  • Technical advice on and operational management of charities
  • Establishing grant-making foundations and trusts
  • Preparing and presenting philanthropic initiatives
  • Organizing fund-raisers

Aircraft, Yachts, Art, Horses, etc.

HF SWISS can assist you in these acquisition and administration of other assets such as aircrafts, yachts, art, horses, etc.

Aircraft, Yachts, Art, Horses, etc. Services

  • Support with acquisition and sale of yachts, aircraft, (classic) cars, horses and other valuables
  • Aircraft and yacht financing (read about: Running a Superyacht)
  • Refinancing aircraft, yachts and reviewing existing arrangements
  • Setting up tax-efficient structures for yachts, aircraft, art and the like
  • Providing digital images and condition reports of artwork
  • Recording insurance details of assets
  • Organizing restoration and storage of art

General Support and Administrative services

HF SWISS can assist on various issues of the everyday life.

General Support and Administrative Services

  • Support with general legal issues
  • Document & record management
  • Accounting / Bookkeeping
  • Collection and filing of your administrative documents
  • Payment of invoices and taxes, and arranging tax compliance
  • Travel arrangements
  • Private secretary services
  • Concierge services
  • Hiring and managing household employees
  • Organizing private events (weddings, celebrations, birthday parties, etc.)
  • Purchasing, insuring and shipping assets