A very long history of wealth management

Switzerland has long been one of the leaders in management and safe custody of family wealth. Despite many changes around the world, it retains a prime position in this business.

With experts estimating around one third of private client assets world-wide are managed here, the domestic wealth management industry continues to offer tried and tested banking, asset management, corporate financing and trust services.

This key‚ industry dates back to the 1500’s since when wealthy families whether royalty, merchants, and others chose Swiss institutions to safeguard their wealth for future generations.

The country’s financial institutions remain strong participants in this global industry.


A base for trade and commercial investment

The country has become a global center for trading, commerce and investment. Centers such as Geneva, Lausanne, Zurich, Zug, Basel, Neuchatel, Lugano, are hosts to some of the world’s leading multinational companies in these industries, and also to many smaller family owned private corporations.


Privacy and Confidentiality

Despite recent changes, privacy and banking confidentiality is enshrined in Swiss federal law. The country has numerous tax treaties and offers a significant degree of confidentiality, as required by international business.
Regulated Swiss entities can be structured to be both cost-effective and highly tax efficient, for clients and professionals alike.

Switzerland, together with Andorra, Lichtenstein, Monaco and San Marino, signed an Agreement with the European Union in October 2014 to adhere to measures similar to those provided by the European Savings Tax Directive. The agreement includes the following key points:

  • Retention or withholding tax of 35% with revenue sharing.
  • Option for the tax payer to permit the disclosure of income to his or her Member State or residence for tax purposes as an alternative to the retention or withholding tax.
  • Provision for the exchange of information on request in cases of tax fraud or similar misbehavior.


HF Swiss in Switzerland

HF Swiss AG offers premium Discretionary Portfolio Management services. Prospective clients are invited to discuss their requirements with our Swiss director to assist in defining and prioritizing their precise needs.

Additionally, HF SWISS AG offers clients the design, creation and management of structures in attractive (low tax) cantons, or regions. The range of vehicles which can be used includes mixed companies, holding companies, investment companies and various forms of trading companies