Asset Management

Asset Management targeting a positive return is one of the core activities included in the FOS suite. HF SWISS generally spreads your assets over several banks in order to diversify the counterparty risk.

HF SWISS will coordinate with selected private banks, keeping track of your assets and consolidating the performance of the assets in a quarterly report.

Asset Management Services

  • Diagnosis of your overall financial situation
  • Defining the family’s investment objectives
  • Establishing risk profile and investment horizon
  • Global asset allocation and investment strategy
  • Administering and advising on banking relationships
  • Opening private bank accounts on behalf of the family
  • Discretionary mandates

Wealth Planning

Wealth planning is all encompassing. It covers all your assets wherever they may be. Structuring yet extending, protecting and preserving your wealth, such planning also includes preparing for transfer to the next generation on a tax-efficient basis. Wealth planning blends tax planning, wealth protection, estate planning and business succession planning. HF SWISS offers attractive wealth planning services.

Wealth Planning Services

  • Structuring assets and investments for tax efficiency
  • Advisory services on ownership, management and distribution of assets
  • Wealth protection & privacy

Corporate and Trustee Services

Wealth planning structures frequently implement one of the following:

  • Companies

When structuring their assets, a considerable number of wealthy families and their family offices use International Business Companies as their wealth planning structure of choice.

HF SWISS can help you establish and/or manage a foreign (e.g. holding) company

  • Trusts

For generations, trusts have been used to protect wealthy families’ assets from tough economic and political conditions. All kind of assets can be held in a trust, and trusts are a great instrument for protecting wealth and privacy, as well as compliant tax planning.


HF Swiss can act as trustee or take another role in your family trust.

  • Foundations

Family foundations and private foundations can hold a wide range of assets. A foundation is a good structure for protecting wealth, and foundations are often used as an alternative to a will. Foundations are also used for charitable purposes.

HF Swiss can help you to establish a foundation.


  • Professional investor funds

A professional investor fund (PIF) or specialized investment fund is a collective investment scheme only available to a limited number of sophisticated investors or the members of a family.

HF Swiss can assist you in the set-up administration and asset management of the specialized investment fund.

Corporate and Trustee Services

  • Advice on issues of company incorporation and management in various jurisdictions
  • Managing family shareholdings
  • Selecting appropriate jurisdictions for trusts, foundations and other (corporate) structures
  • Setting up, administering and coordinating trusts, foundations and other (corporate) structures
  • Coordinating contacts with various local and foreign authorities
  • Selecting independent trustees and protectors
  • Controlling costs of external trust providers
  • Providing registered office facilities
  • Providing nominee services

Monitoring and Reporting

Monitoring and Reporting Services

  • Consolidated reporting of global bank accounts
  • Consolidation and reporting of all family assets (including non-bankable assets)
  • Consolidated performance reporting
  • Risk adjusted performance reporting and risk attribution
  • Benchmark comparison
  • Fiscal annual performance
  • Risk reporting

Budget & Cash Flow Management

Budget & Cash Flow Management Services

  • Assessing actual wealth and current income, diagnosis of short- and medium-term liquidity requirements and long-term goals
  • Cash-flow projections
  • Private accounting
  • Cash management (bill paying, cash flow, budgeting, etc.)