Real Estate Services

Finding properties that meet your needs and dealing with the purchase or construction arrangements is a procedure that can prove lengthy, cumbersome and costly. The real estate services can take the form of effectively searching and fining the appropriate property, dealing with acquisition, construction, conversion and renovations arrangements, provide state or market value appraisals, optimize administration effort and costs, advise on rental and tax law, etc.

HF SWISS provides you with a comprehensive service on real estate.

  • Real estate advisory
  • Bespoke property search
  • Access to off-market luxury properties
  • Creating a property portfolio
  • Administrative property acquisition support
  • Support with sale of real estate
  • (International) real estate management
  • Organising security protection of private residences
  • Real estate financing/mortgages

International Relocation

International relocation to tax-friendly countries is commonly used as a tax-planning tool by wealthy families. The international relocation services include the organization and follow up of your move from all over the world to Switzerland taking care of all of the associated work, from the import of movable property such as cars, art collections, etc. with regard to the customs formalities and registration of vehicles up to the contact with your municipality.

HF SWISS supports your international relocation strategy and execution.

International Relocation Services

  • Analysing tax and other benefits of international relocation
  • Support with change of domicile
  • Support with obtaining international residence permits
  • Assistance in locating and applying to foreign schools
  • Coordinating contacts with all authorities involved (federal, cantonal and municipal)
  • Provision of attorney & notary services for your relocation

International and Local Tax services

With international tax legislation becoming more complex by the year, international business owners face a much greater challenge in structuring their business assets tax efficiently. Cross border, tax-efficient and tax-compliant corporate structuring is very important for wealthy families in particular, because they often own internationally active businesses.

HF SWISS is able to advise you on compliant corporate double tax treaty planning.

International and Local Tax services

  • Local and International tax planning services and tax advice
  • Double Taxation Treaty (DTT) planning for family-owned companies and real estate
  • Bilateral Investment Protection Treaty (BIT) planning for international corporate structures
  • Fiscal company migration
  • Preparation of tax returns (incl. country of residence) and estimation of tax burden
  • Support with Lump-sum negotiations in Switzerland
  • Taking care of Swiss Tax formalities & Consulting
  • Mediate on Swiss Tax rulings
  • Taking care of exit taxation and similar circumstances.